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About us


The Escape List originated when we, two overworked city workers, couldn’t find any suitable hotel websites that catered to our demands. We wanted to maximise our weekends and travel far and wide in the UK; whether on exciting city breaks or romantic country retreats. When trying to find places to stay we either had to wade through countless webpages of unsuitable, poor quality hotels listed on mass aggregator sites or begrudge not being able to afford the premium for the luxury hotels featured on high-end sites catering for the wealthy.

Fed up, we decided to start researching and building our own collection of UK properties. We found hundreds that were not only super luxurious and indulgent but that also charged reasonable, affordable room rates. We started sharing our list of incredible UK escapes with friends and family and finally decided to stop keeping our collection secret and share it with everyone on The Escape List.

We launched the site in January 2013 with a capsule collection of 40 hotels and we have since more than doubled our offering to 90, with many more to come! We're also proud winners of WTM FRESH's start-up competition 2013.


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What is The Escape List

Put simply; an affordable, luxury UK hotel website.

All properties match two simple criteria; they must be irresistibly luxurious but also fit in the affordable price bracket. Affordable means different things to different people so we decided to set a cap of offering at least one room, at some point in the year, for under £150 per room per night.

The Escape List isn’t a booking site; it is a source of inspiration where you can uncover new places to stay on your UK holidays and also build up your own personal Escape List to refer back to.

It is still a work in progress, we have hundreds more properties we are slowly adding to our list, so keep checking back to discover even more affordable luxury boltholes.

Why use us?

  • Independent. Every property featured on the site is independently picked by us. If it doesn’t meet our strict quality criteria, it doesn’t get a look in edgeways. What’s more, to ensure all properties are affordable and that we don’t get carried away, we set our price promise that every property featured had to offer at least one room, at some point in the year, at under £150 for the night.
  • A simple collection. Most people like to use the internet for research and then book directly with hotels. We know this so that’s why we gathered the most important information about our properties for you; photos, location and some basic facts and then we let you contact them directly if you want to book. No middle man; no complications.
  • Inspiring. By signing up to The Escape List you can create your own Escape Lists. store your favourite hotels and start building up a repertoire of your must visit escapes.
  • Honest. No hotels are perfect. Sometimes things fall short. To help you make the most informed decision when choosing where to stay, we let you see our view on the property’s pitfalls as well as browsing other people’s opinions via the trip advisor link


If you would like us to consider listing your property on The Escape List, please fill in the below form and we will get back in touch if we think it is suitable.


How do you select which properties to feature?

We trawl the web, ask everyone we know and immerse ourselves in the world of UK hotels in order to discover places we think suit The Escape List. If a hotel wants to be listed, they can apply but they’ll only be added to The List if they’re up to scratch. What’s more, if we receive consistent negative feedback about a hotel, we will remove their listing.

How do I book?

Hotels are the best placed people to handle their own bookings, why pay us commission when you can book direct? We know that we’re most useful as a research tool, your first port of call when planning a weekend retreat or British holiday. So we don’t offer booking functionality but simply put you in direct contact with the hotels we feature.

What do I do if I have any problems with a hotel I found on The Escape List?

Whilst we can’t accept any responsibility or liability for any bookings made, we will do our best to help you resolve any problems. Contact us and let us know what’s going on and we will work with you to make sure everything is fixed.

What are The Escape List Extras?

In recognition for being selected for a covetable spot on The Escape List’s site, some properties want to reward our loyal users with a little something extra when they come to stay. If you see that a hotel has an Escape List Extras, simply quote The Escape List when you make your booking to ensure you get your just rewards.

Why should I sign up?

By signing up, not only do you receive our inspiring newsletters letting you know about new properties, exclusive offers and more, but you can also make the most out of our list making functions. Store your favourite hotels in your own Escape List, comment on places you have stayed and give ratings to other properties on site. We never spam or share your email address; don’t worry.