Restylane Lyft – All That You Need To Know About It

When you want to give volume to your cheek contours, Restylane Lyft can be the perfect solution to obtain the best results. What is more, this is a safe product being approved by FDA. Dr. Michelle Yagoda, one of the doctors who trusted this product from the beginning, gave us an exclusive interview. Here is what she told us:

What were the alternatives used so far for more volume to face and cheeks? 

Until Restylane Lyft was launched on the market, the doctors used a lot of Perlane, Voluma, and Sculptra. Now, we have the approval of FDA to use this product on cheeks and mid face only, without risking to be banned. This is a proof that the product is safe and we can use it with confidence.

What differentiates Restylane Lyft from other products?

All the doctors know that Pernalne and Voluma contain Hyaluronic acid. On the other hand, Sculptura contains Poly-L lactic acid which can be reversed. If we think of Restylane Lyft, its effects can be also reversed if necessary.

Are there any less known uses for it?

Of course there are. For instance, we have used it in the sulcus and around the jaw line. It is perfect in these areas when you want to increase the prominent features of jaws and give a stretchy and fresh look to the sagging and wrinkled neck.

There are many women who are afraid of pain. How painful is this procedure?

In comparison to other methods, the pain level in this case is very less. For the most sensitive patients, we also use a maximum of topical anesthesia before we start the procedure. We also have another trick. In order to prevent the patient from feeling the syringe when we inject the substance, we also use ice on the surface of the skin. What is more, the injection also contains anesthesia which helps to numb the area on the site of the procedure.

How much does a syringe cost and how many of these are required?

A syringe costs $850 and usually we use about two syringes to obtain the perfect results.

How long do the results of these injections last for?

The results usually last for about 8 to 10 months. We have also clients who prolonged the effects because they kept on getting the injections.

Can it be used along with other procedures like Botox or any other injections?

Of course it can be combined with other injections. Restylane Silk can be used in lip line, and another injection by the name of Juvederm can be used in the chin crease. These fillers do a great job when you want to obtain a natural look.

How much gap should be there between this procedure and laser or peeling?

If it is at the same site, we recommend to wait for a week or so. Other procedures can be done on other sites in the same sitting.